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George Allan

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George Allan's work was recently featured by Viewpoints Gallery from December 28, 2006 through January 24, 2007 in a show titled Onward! into the New Year, with Owls, Opals and Oils (click to view images from the show).

George's work was also featured by Viewpoints Gallery from December 15, 2005 through January 11, 2006 in a show titled Pathways in Paradise (click to view images from the show).

His work was also recently featured December 9th, 2004 through January 12, 2005 in a show titled Wet Paint and Fabulous Fibers: New Work by George Allan and Theo Morrison. Please click here to see some of the work from this show.

West Maui Splendor
West Maui Splendor
Giclee Print
Maui Marketplace
Maui Marketplace
Maui Writers' Conference Poster
Often called Maui's premier artist by art afficionados, George's light filled and pristine canvases grace the walls of corporate offices, government buildings, and the homes of luminaries all over the world. The prints and posters shown here and of other George's works are available at Viewpoints Gallery.
Pardner & Crescendo
Pardner & Crescendo
Matted offset print
Preparing Wauke for Tapa
Preparing Wauke for Tapa
George's work was featured last year in a show titled Back to Basics from December 11, 2003 through January 7, 2004. Please click here for that show. George's work was featured the year before in a show titled Ku'u Home Maui (My Maui Home) from December 28, 2002 through January 22, 2003. Please click here for that show. The year before, he was featured in Native Plants and Places which ran from November 16 through December 5, 2001. Please click here to see some of the work in that show. His featured show, George Allan Goes Native was seen from December 30, 2000 through January 17, 2001. This show featured oil paintings of native Hawaiian plants. Joining George in this show was Tom Calhoun showing native wood furniture pieces. To see a sample of George's work in that show, please click here.

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