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Margaret Bedell

Margaret Bedell, along with Joe Fletcher, was featured by Viewpoints Gallery, January 12th - February 1, 2006 in a show titled Sunshine: New Works Bold in Spirit and Vitality. To see some of their work from this show, click here.

Margaret was featured by Viewpoints Gallery, January 13th - February 9, 2005 in a show titled People and Places: New Work by Margaret Bedell and Amanada Opsahl McConnell. To see some of the work she had in this show, please click here.

Margaret was also featured by Viewpoints Gallery, November 16th - December 10th, 2003 in a show with her daughter Linda Whittemore in a show they titled PRIMORDIAL. To see some of the work she had in this show, please click here.

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Encroachment - Margaret Bedell
End of Cane I - Margaret Bedell
End of Cane I
Known for her use of saturated color, Margaret Bedell is both a printmaker and painter. Born in Toronto, educated in Canada and England, she graduated from the University of Toronto in 1944 in English Language and Literature. Two years later, she and her former U.S. Navy husband migrated to southern California where they remained until the early seventies. Says Bedell, 'We started drifting towards Hawaii - six weeks, six months - whatever we could afford. Now we live here full time near the ocean in a combined house and studio."

End of Cane V

Red Flag at Kam III
Sometime in the sixties, Bedell became a professional artist. Her training included private study with Alex Brandt, Joan Irving, George Post and Roger Armstrong, all watercolorists from the "California Light" tradition, and culminated in a Master's degree in Art (Printmaking) from California State University at Long Beach. At that time, Bedell also took workshops in monotype from Nathan Oliveira, eventually incorporating monotype techniques into her Master's thesis.

Towards Honolua
Meanwhile, in 1976 Bedell established a studio and gallery in Corona Del Mar, where she evolved her unique method of making a printing plate from actual plant material. Bedell says, "Thousands of original prints emanated from that studio, finding their way to the walls of corporate offices, banks, hotels, hospitals and most of all to private collectors. During those years, I actively participated in the Los Angeles Printmaking Society. For ten consecutive summers I exhibited at the Laguna Beach Festival of Arts."

For the past twenty years, she has also been a member of the art community here on Maui, and has been represented by galleries across the island, where she has had many solo shows as well as in hotels and other exhibitions. A longtime exhibiting member of Volcano Art Center, Ms. Bedell also has other connections to the Big Island, since several grandchildren and other family members live in Kona. The artist also belongs to Hui No'eau, where in the past she has worked and taught.

Margaret is also a member of Lama Ho'ike, the overall purpose of which is "... to bring insight into the best qualities of the Hawaiian culture." In "Maui: Earth, Sea Sky" at Hui No'eau in September/October 1994, she exhibited new paintings, continuing a series started when she began to paint the environment on location, using the intense colors of her large-scale mixed media works to create small-scale watercolors and monotypes.

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