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Janet Davis

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Janet's work was recently featured by Viewpoints.
To see a sample of the work she had in that show, please click here.

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Castle in the Sky
6 x 12 ft. Mural
In Pediatrics Waiting Room at Kaiser Medical Center, Kahului

Janet created the mural above for the Pediatrics waiting room at Kaiser Medical Center in Kahului. Her first thought when asked to do it was to "make it fun, colorful and happy." There is a lot of movement: bikes, cars, airplanes, a queen windurfing into a castle in the sky, a volcano going off and animals all going somewhere. Says Janet, "Children are so full of energy and I wanted to try and capture that natural exhuberance and joy that they so effortlessly seem to have. I also wanted it to be a fantasy dreamworld, a place kids could make up endless stories about. It was a fun piece to do and I hope it brings a smile to those who see it."

Swimming on a Moonbeam
Oil on Canvas

Talks a Lot 2
Oil on Canvas

Janet Davis' work in monotypes and oils on canvas continues to be characterized by bolder, fresher and superbly imaginative interpretations of both nature and human nature. Her subject matter ranges from landscapes to dreamscapes, and from portraits to regal personae. Janet contends, "My work is a vehicle for examining my own life. It is a constant visual reminder of what is going on inside."

Dream Cafe
Oil on canvas

Holding the Light
Tempera on Paper
Janet was featured by Viewpoints in February 2002. You can see the archive of that show by clicking here. An archive of her show ANGELS, COFFEE BREAKS AND GIRLFRIENDS which was featured in March 2000 can be seen by clicking here.

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