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Diana's work celebrates the fierce joy of Paradise found.
Gigi Sather
Viewpoints Artist
Diana Dorenzo

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In 2007, from January 25 through February 21, Diana's paintings were shown in a show titled, I'll Fly Away. To see her work from this show, click here.

The previous year 2006, from March 2 through March 22, Dorenzo's work was shown with Kirk Kurokawa's work in a show titled, Where Dreams and Reality Meet. To see her work from this show, click here.

Diana was also featured in a show from April 30 through May 18, 2005 in a show titled Journey: New Works by Diana Dorenzo. To see some of the work she had in this show, please click here.

Diana's work was also featured in a show which ended February 4th 2004.
To see some of the work she had in this show, please click here.

The Artist
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Where the Light Shines Through

Diana's colorful palette is a fortissimo of bold strokes, rich blends, nuance and mood. Her work will whisper a quiet meditation one minute and shout the celebratory joy of a gospel choir in the next.

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Twilight Blues

These elements often inhabit the same piece like morning shadows inhaling color from a rising sun. Her recent oils and pastels, influenced by her upcountry environment, are intense and powerful -- bold strokes softened by skillful blending. She has gained a reputation for capturing the light in landscapes with swift spontaneity. The pieces shown here underscore that reputation.

Somewhere Upcountry

Liquid Sky

Dorenzo works on location, giving her work freshness and immediacy. Always striving for perfection, she quotes from Babette's Feast by Isak Dinesen, "Throughout the world sounds one long cry from the heart of the artist÷Just give me the chance to do my very best." In Diana's Maui landscapes, we see her take that chance and create an island in motion; places you go to play. Her paintings warm your shoulders with the first light of dawn and cool the afternoon as you walk beneath the branches and leaves along Piiholo Road. As one colleague describes it, "Her work invites your imagination to come out and play. It seduces your heart to smile."
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The Light Within
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Past Picnics
To learn more about Diana and see work fresh off the easel please click here to visit her website.

Works from Diana's show last year, Chance Encounters, which ran from January 23rd through February 19th, 2003 can be seen by clicking here.

Diana's solo show, Lifting the Veil, which benefitted the women of Afghan1istan was featured by Viewpoints from December 2001 through January 2002. To see the work she had in this show, please click here.

Most of the works in her solo shows have been sold out. You can buy her latest work by emailing or calling your credit card information to the gallery.
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To purchase any piece, please contact Viewpoints Gallery.
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