Viewpoints Gallery, Makawao, Maui, Hawaii
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Meet the artists of Viewpoints Gallery:
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George Allan Oils Diana Dorenzo Oils/Pastels
Often called Maui's premier painter by art afficionados. Diana's work is intense
and spontaneous
with a colorful palette.
Margaret Bedell Watercolors/prints  
plein air watercolors capture a part of Maui that she
sees fast disappearing.

Viewpoints artists:
George Allan, Margaret Bedell, Janet Davis, Diana Dorenzo ...all on page 1.

Beth Marcil, Kari McCarthy, Amanda McConnell,
...all on page 2.

Suzy Papanikolas, Joelle Chicheportiche-Perz, J. B Rea,
...all on page 3.

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