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Beth Marcil


New works by Beth Marcil were featured by Viewpoints from March 1st through 21st, 2001. Please click on the button to see or purchase this most recent work.

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Canoe, Music, Fishing, Food - Beth Marcil

Canoe, Music, Fishing, Food
The Gathering
The Gathering

Beth's body of work includes oils, pastels, and watercolors using layered color washes, and highly unique handmade paper vessels and sculptures. Much of her work deals with the subleties of life, inner whisperings, layers of meaning and inner connections. Beth's "Grant Us Life", inspired by an Hawaiian chant, was featured on the poster of the Maui Writers Conference, an international event.

Sunflowers - Beth Marcil


Daydreams - Beth Marcil


Cup of Stars - Beth Marcil

Cup of Stars

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