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Joëlle C.

New Works!
Joëlle was our featured artist through July 7th, 2004, in a show she called Works on Wood. To see the works in this show, please click here.

All the works on this page are limited edition Giclées.
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A Smile of Light

From Paris, where she was born, to Hawaii where she has resided since 1982, Joëlle's pursuit of happiness through artistic freedom of expression and creativity has never wavered. After she acquired her art education at the University of Aix-en-Provence, she went on a worldwide quest with a paint brush and watercolors in her suitcase. Exploring the art of mural painting in Mexico, studying printmaking in San Francisco, papermaking and the interaction of colors on Maui are a few of the stepping stones on her journey to deepen her knowledge of the visual world. In 1975, one of Joëlle's paintings won first prize at the International Year of the Woman event held in Mexico. Since then, her work has received awards and been collected worldwide.

La Mer



Petals of Dreams
Fascinated by the merging of cultures in a place where nature is still in the making, her voyage to Maui parallels her own journey to the heart. On the beautiful slopes of Haleakala Joelle C. Perz found what she was looking for: a home for her family and a peaceful yet inspirational and vital environment to do her work. Living close to the nature she loves, her paintings reflect an intimate joy for color and light and a poetic approach to reality.

Nature's Perfect

Life, Faith and

Intimately Sunny

The Heart of the Valley

Merging Streams

When it comes to style, "labels and categorizations simply slide off her shoulders" and a unique blend of tradition and creativity comes to mind. She is "free to produce the most expressive, refined statement with the delicate touch of a master", giving the viewer "a fundamental feeling of peace". - Maui News

The Painter's Garden

Forever Summer

Joëlle's show, The Memory of Leaves, featured in March 2002 can be seen by clicking here. Her previous show, Merging Streams, featured in October 2000
can be seen by clicking here.

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