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Julie Schoenecker

New Works!
Julie was recently featured by Viewpoints in Elements: Inspiration from the Universes, a spectacular show with Stephanie Sachs and Bill and Sally Worcester which ran through March 31st.
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Protea Pot Pourri - Julie Schoenecker
Protea Pot Pourri
Oil on Canvas
Hibiscus - Julie Schoenecker
Hibiscus II
Relief Print on Hibiscus Paper
Limited Ed. of 25
12" Diameter
"I love dealing with organic images and materials. I often print my etchings, woodcuts and monotypes on sensuous paper I make from Hawaiian fibers." Schoenecker, one of the islands leading printmakers, has become known for integration of paper she makes with the image she prints. She freely moves between printmaking and painting as her expressive needs demand. You can visit Julie now at her website, where you'll find many new images.
Genesis IX - Julie Schoenecker
Genesis IX
Reflections - Julie Schoenecker
Oil on Canvas

Syncopation - Julie Schoenecker

Julie was featured by Viewpoints Gallery in Nature and Me which ran from March 21st through April 10th, 2002. To see the work she had in that show, please click here. In August, 2001, Julie showed 30 years of her printmaking art in a retrospective she called A Printmaking Journey: Uniting the past with unique new works. To see that show, please click here. Her show Eclectic Discoveries showed from January 20th through February 9th, 2000. To see some of the work she had in that show, please click here.

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