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Viewpoints Gallery in Makawao, is proud to present the latest artwork from three very talented artists: Suzy Papanikolas, Tim Garcia, & Robena.  Their show: Kolu Hihi`o: Place / Perspective / Palette, is on display in the gallery from July 15th – August 17th, with an Opening Reception at 5:00 pm on Saturday, July 17th.  

This exhibit provides us with a unique insight into the workings of this impressive collection of artists, as all of them approach their artwork from three different and distinctive visions (Kolu Hihi'o).  

Suzy Papanikolas is primarily a figurative painter known for depicting participants in cultural events; sometimes on stage, but more often off-stage where the true essence of their character and contribution are revealed and captured on canvas.

Robena is renown as a painter who brings the beauty of the micro into the macro with large-scale paintings that impact a space with light, life, and beauty.

Tim Garcia is a sculptor who, with chisel and hammer, creates in stone, wood, and metal, sculptures that subtly capture the emotion and energy of his subject matter in an abstract, interpretative manner.  

Individually, their work is worthy of attention; collectively it’s a must.  The scope, breath, and depth of the Kolu Hihi'o exhibit compels one to fully submerge themselves in the extraordinary artwork that has been created, and to be ready to fall in love.

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Suzy Papanikolas
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Suzy Papanikolas Suzy Papanikolas

Aloha Hula, Maile Stant
by Suzy Papanikolas

acrylic on canvas
40 x 30   $3750 +$220 ship

Keiki in Ti Skirt
by Suzy Papanikolas

acrylic on canvas
30 x 24   $2600 +$145 ship

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Robena Robena

Enchanted Blossom
by Robena

acrylic on canvas
60 x 65   $4700 +$475 ship/w

Naturally Glamorous
by Robena

acrylic on canvas
52 x 63   $4500 +$450 ship/w

Tim Garcia
images coming soon.

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