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Wet Paint and Fabulous Fibers:
New Work by George Allan and Theo Morrison

December 9th, 2004 - January 12, 2005

George Allan
George Allan has painted subjects from the environs of Maui for more than thirty years and with this new work we will see that his sense of place has grown in strength and subtlety. From the sea to the upper reaches of Kula, Allan isolates visual vignettes that encapsulate the light and atmosphere and forms of his favorite Maui locales.

Pond Cloudscape
Oil on Canvas
24" x 30"

Lahaina Reverie
Oil on Canvas
12" x 15"

Theo Morrison
Theo Morrison's contemporary basket work balances George Allan's exuberant impastos while evoking Maui through hand-gathered materials. Morrison's baskets juxtapose copper wire with banyan root, hand made paper with colored reed and tapa cloth, formal twining techniques with random stitching in an unconventional celebration of the ancient craft of basketry. In addition to exploring the conceptual and formal limits of basket making, Morrison is the executive director of the Lahaina Town Action Committee.

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