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PRIMORDIAL - new works by
November 16th through December 10th, 2003

Margaret Bedell has joined with her daughter Linda Whittemore for this show, "Primordial." The title of the show was conceived as Linda was reading aloud to Margaret a quote from Kandinsky's On the Spiritual in Art.
"I have come to conceive of non-objective painting, not as a negation of all previous art, but as an uncommonly vital primordial division of the trunk into two main branches of development, indispensable to the creation of the crown of the green tree."
To them, it is the language of art. Most of Linda's subjects, her new work, pieces such as In the Still, Cloudscape Series, and Glassy Day.. are abstractions from nature. This is so, Linda says, "because nature presents - its all there."


A Wild Place
25" x 19"
Margaret's subjects are also mostly taken from nature since, after all, she is a plein air painter. Titles confirm, such as Day Unfolding, Harsh Winds, Brittle Sun, I Hear the Song of Birds, A Wild Place and Mauna Loa Rises from the Mists. The works are abstracted from specific location points of reference, and are presented as more general themes of human experience. FOR MORE OF MARGARET'S WORK IN THIS SHOW, PLEASE CLICK HERE.

In the Still Monotype 12" x 12"
Linda often paints on site, taking the imagery back into the studio for development and synthesis. Viscosity monotype is her principal medium, learned many years ago while apprenticing in her mother's California studio. Since then, she has had years of university level training, culminating in a degree from the University of Hawaii. While Margaret and Linda each create art in her own way, they hope to transmit together, in this show, the captured poetry of the moment in time.

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