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Viewpoints Featured Show
Paintings inspired by the many moods of Maui by
Brent Cotton
April 11 through May 8, 2002

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Seconds 'til Sunset
Oil on Linen


As I enter Brent Cotton's studio, I am first aware of the view of both coasts, dramatic, unreal. Then as my eyes adjust, I see that I am surrounded by the artist's paintings. In a small room, totally apart from the grand sweep of nature, is an easel together with all the accoutrements of the oil painter. Displayed on the easel, stacked on tables and against the walls are recent paintings intended for Brent's show, Island Moods.

Brent comments: "When an artist comes to a new location, he sees with a fresh eye". Brent's paintings are somewhat realistic, suffused by a misty mood. Again he comments "They are what move me – the fleeting moments of the day".

Moonlit Meadow
Oil on Linen

Kahakuloa Dream
Oil on Canvas

Brent belongs to a group of relatively young landscape artists, dedicated to recording impressions of the environment, mostly based in the western states. Their leader is Richard Schmid, and the group includes Scott Christensen, Matt Smith, Clyde Aspevig and Kevin MacPherson. Brent tells me that his early art training was unusual. He grew up in a small town in Montana, then went to work on a ranch in Oklahoma, studying with the owner, Christine Berner, a plein air artist and sculptor, for two and a half years. The teacher opened Brent's eyes to painters such as Sargent, Sorolla, Moran, Bierstadt. While she stressed fundamentals, she also showed him the importance of the use of light and mood in painting. He became aware of colorist and tonalist painters of the Nineteenth Century and also the work of the early Californians.

Evening Pastures
Oil on Canvas

Looking West
Oil on Board

Brent says he does not stick to one style, but has a range from which to choose for a particular subject. He has learned a lot from painting en plein air. He loves to paint and paints often, using smaller format canvases in the field to capture fleeting effects, and considers the camera a "valuable tool". Many of the scenes he paints are ones we have all seen, but they are not commonplace, with dramatic light that sets the scene apart from everyday, Brent's paintings conjure up a memory in the viewer who can identify with the scene, "giving a feeling of peace".

Sunlit Meadow
Oil on Canvas

Upcountry Mist
Oil on Canvas

The artist is inspired by a "softness in the atmosphere". He is not just trying to paint the scene, but to capture the feeling that goes along with it. He harkens back to "a golden age of painting when artists did try to capture a mood".

Mo'omeheu Kahiko
Oil on Canvas

Mo'omeheu Kahiko, is a larger work of a Hawaiian fisherman on a beach at sunset. Bathed in a golden light, it has a somewhat mysterious quality. Upcountry Mist brings new insights to a familiar image. Not shown here, North Shore Maui, depicts a more rugged shoreline. Kahakuloa Dream is a seascape including the familiar rock-shape in a splendid silver frame that the artist made himself. Of Looking West, the artist remarks that his unique golden light paintings have a somewhat universal appeal. An untitled painting in the studio is painted over a gold leaf ground, giving it an inner glow. Mysterious and romantic are words that come to mind.
Margaret Bedell
April 2002

Lazy Day
Oil on Linen

Early Evening
Oil on Linen

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