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Brent Cotton
December 5th through December 26th
A visit to Brent Cotton's studio is always dramatic, stimulating and, as another artist, I come away with thought-provoking images and ideas swirling around my right brain. At Brent's studio, situated high in Kula foothills, overlooking Maui's central valley with the sea beyond, there is always a painting without leaving home base. Recently I was there for a preview this newest show of Brent's.

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The Color of Evening

In this collection of paintings, the artist at times seems to be experimenting with a tonalistic palette. At the same time, he is eliminating much detail, simplifying down to the essential. He is adopting a painterly, impressionistic approach, such as in Afternoon Breeze a large square painting about the line of trees visible from the Hana Highway beyond the airport. A small (6" X 8") plein air sketch of a guava tree in a pasture, was painted on location on Thompson Road. A painting done in Hana, down Hamoa Beach Road, looks back at Haleakala, an unusual point of view. Another work of the same size, 42" X 48", was painted as a commission and will be included in the show, as will its sketch, painted on location at Keanae Peninsula on the way to Hana. The subject is of one fisherman, his surroundings suffused in the last glow of intensity at sunset.

Blackberry Sky

Upcountry Twilight

Included in the show will be some smaller plein air works, such as one done on the ranch on Thompson Road. Also to be shown but not for sale are some small beautiful portraits of the artist's wife, Jennifer. The artist remarked that they may be a prelude to future paintings of the figure in landscape, as in works by some of his mentors in art history- Anders Zorn, Sorolla, John Singer Sargent. He also remarked that he does not title his paintings until he is done for he lets the work tell him what it is about.


This week Brent headed for Big Beach, Makena to make a sketch for a sizeable canvas aof 30" X 40", which will be included in his upcoming show. The artist remarked that he is inspired by the struggle to keep Big Beach intact and that he wishes to record what it was like before any development took place. He feels that, like Thomas Moran, whose paintings drew attention to the majestic beauty of Yellowstone and were crucial to the establishment of Yellowstone Park, he may draw attention to Big Beach, Makena. Brent's works will surely record the unique wonders of our island, and will lead to an understanding of the need to preserve.
Margaret Bedell - November, 2002

Afternoon Breeze

Banana Trees at Dusk

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