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Viewpoints Featured Show
Paintings on Canvas, Paper and Silk by
Janet Davis
February 7 through February 27, 2002

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Peace Makers
Mixed Media on Paper


Driving up to Janet Davis' studio was like going through one of her paintings; the vivid greens of a rainscape juxtaposed against the deep reds, browns and purples of the mountain and the bright sky – all created a vista more surreal than worldly. I knew I must be touching the world of Harry Potter, only Janet was the magician and I guess I felt like Harry.

Inside Janet's two studios, the atmosphere intensified. We left the fantasy landscape of the artist's past works, a few hanging here and there as a reminder of previous creation. Gone were the sky-borne beings and the rather spiritual blues. Around me stood many paintings, layers of brilliant colors – oranges, reds, magentas, yellows, greens, purples – works in tempera on gessoed paper, works on silk, big, little, emphasizing shapes, floating in space, contrasting in multi-hued energy. They were certainly a cohesive body of "New Works" representing a burst of activity in the time since the artist had returned from a trip to London, Paris and Amsterdam.

Tempera on Paper

Spirit Visit
Oil on Canvas

She showed me a wonderful sketchbook, "Europe 2001", in which she had stood at the hotel window, awake because of her jet lag, drawing in detail with black ink, later painting with watercolor, all the time using different styles. Said the artist, "Getting images out of my head... There's sometimes something there, like automatic writing, stream-of- consciousness painting. You don't have time to get your mind involved. Things pop out that you wouldn't get if you had to think too hard." In traveling, Janet had such complete freedom to experience the new. "In Europe, people dress differently, think differently. The pace is different from Maui'." She continued "It is wonderful to come back to Maui and compare."

Women in Paradise
Painting on Silk

Returning from the Cyber Cafe
Tempera on Paper
Not that the European scene was new to Janet, who spent her High School years in Germany, due to peripatetic American parents. When her family returned to the US, to Albuquerque, New Mexico, Janet attended the University of New Mexico, majoring in ceramics. While in Albuquerque she studied with some printmakers "since the influence was everywhere." She was inspired to get a Takach press and later became a monotype maker. She then started painting with oils. About 1990, Janet began working at the Santa Fe Opera in the costume department where she painted on fabric, similar to silk painting, using techniques of distressing resist. The artist remarked that she has always been around fabrics and fabric design, and tends to pick up samples everywhere she goes, for example the exotic papers she found in London.

The tragedy of 9-11 left its mark as in Peace Makers, a large mixed media painting on paper, which appears on the invitation. It is probably transitional, collaging images of our holocaust into a stream of consciousness composition. Another painting, Protection, uses tempera on paper 20" X 26", with abstract shapes in zinging colors. Many of the most recent paintings involve the trip to London, Paris and Amsterdam, including scenes of city buildings, taxis, rain, friends, many being larger reconstructions of sketches right out of "Europe 2001".
Margaret Bedell
January 2002

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