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Diana Dorenzo's Work in
January 23 through February 19, 2003
Diana Dorenzo’s new work takes her closer to a place where Asian serenity seems to get cozy with European impressionism. In her current work, the Pacific Rim influences of Asia, of Zen, of ancient dynasties seems to merge with the European impressionism that previously occupied her consciousness. It’s as if she is being taken over by the misty serenity of antiquity.

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Where Dreams and Reality Meet

Dorenzo's images are now more stripped down and of singular importance. The grandiose reach of a technologically powered and immeasurably gluttonous world has been simplified using symbols such as the horse, the cow, the boat, and the farm to represent societies and cultures unacquainted with modernity The flood, the immersion, indeed the suffocation in imagery produced by electronic connectivity to “live” on-screen reality is now softened and made comfortable by her work. Hello imagination, goodbye CNN.

Facing Life Head On

Tourist Cow

A Moment Alone
Dorenzo's art now seems to bring to those who visit her from east and west a philosophical... no, transcendental?...synergy. Her new work is a departure from detail, brought about by a deep distillation of realism into precise but definite points/intersections/equations of light at work… very precise. The eastern - style at once expressing peace... and being at peace with itself contrasts with the western… a rush of technique and education that is now and always in flux.

Secret Passage

Meet Me Here Tomorrow
The current work is like a slack tide, that period between ebb and flow... a meeting of intellectual art with subliminal, communal consciousness. It is REM sleep, the time just before the mind has to make a decision.

The Light Source

Golden Garland

Her new paintings seem to express strong, deconstructionist power, stripping complexity to a core focus that her new style seems to make mystical, immediate, and primitive.

Forces at Work

The skies are protean: one moment, a cloud's essential matter - vapor, able only to affect exhalation as fog, rain or wind - becomes a tidal wave. It has been transformed by technique and insight into a synaptic experience that tricks the beholder. Sizzling, streaking passes of an oil stick suggest the action of thought that morphs into motion, a deep meditation takes transient shape: yes, it will change, in the instant that the viewer loses his or her lock on the moment. Yes, it is permanent because the moment has been captured by the ability of the artist to freeze the synapse and transfer that instant when her imagination, her skills, and her access to her well of wonder appear on canvas or panel, almost as a complete surprise to all.

Nighttime Sunshine
A Pair of Pears

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