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Viewpoints Featured Show
All New Works by
Diana Dorenzo
December 27, 2001 through January 16, 2002

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Lifting the Veil
Oil Bar on Wood Panel

Lifting the Veil, a solo show of all new work by Diana Dorenzo, has a dual purpose. The first is to showcase new paintings, which seem to be great slices of light and air with layers of clouds floating over far-below landscapes. The second purpose is to benefit RAWA, (Revolutionary Association of the Women of Afghanistan) with 10% of Dorenzo original art sales at the opening, and 5% of sales of originals for the rest of the show. Lifting the Veil has a direct connection to Behind the Veil a recent documentary by the journalist, Saira Shah, on CNN. The documentary hauntingly portrays the plight of Afghan women, caught in a benighted society with no choice for a better life.

A Rocking Horse Town
Oil on Canvas

Sky Spangled Banner
Pastel on Paper

In her studio, the artist talked about the technique behind her new paintings. While most seem to be rather large pure pastels, in reality they are a mixture of media on a variety of supports. To make her "skyscapes" light and airy, Dornzo experimented with new pastels, oil bars and pure pigments, sometimes layering them over each other, to create the luminous effect of these new paintings.

Forces of Nature
Oil Bar on Wood Panel

Shredded Light
Oil Bar on Wood Panel

The artist mixes many of her own pastels and paints with the purest possible medium, a black oil which she prepares herself and later uses the smallest amount with pure pigment. To paint with oils, she uses as many as 18 brushes for one painting, sometimes a brush for each color, retaining clarity and intensity.

Sittin' Pretty
Pastel on Paper

Still Life with Volkswagen
Pastel on Paper

Some of the supports include canvas glued to wood panel, stretched canvas, Page Two black gesso on Arches paper, 300 lb white Arches paper. Some of the paintings are scratched and textured with nails, charcoal pencil, china marker, whatever it takes in what she considers her age of experimentation.

Tough Morning
Pastel on Paper

Sistine Skies
Oil Bar and Pastel on Paper
However, Dorenzo always subdues her means t to an end. In other words, she does not allow the means to upstage the final result, the painting itself. The discipline she uses is a conscious choice: the luminous color in her painting is always the star.
- Margaret Bedell

Oil Bar and Pastel on Canvas

The Colors We Miss
Oil Bar and Pastel on Wood Panel

The Palm Stands Alone
Oil on Wood Panel

Oil Bar on Wood Panel
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