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Amanda Opsahl McConnell
March 20th through April 9th, 2003
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Hour of Shadows
Tristan's Shoes
Driving a long way up the mountain to the studio of Amanda McConnell, I enter the world of her Muse. Overlooking the valley far below, the artist's house, I sense, provides a serene environment for her art.

Lily Pond
I am shown a portfolio of works on paper. Carefully interleaved with sheets of glassine paper, they are a precious treasure trove of a mature artist. All are outstanding,and some reach the pinnacle.

Maui Couple


The Cello Player

Kansas in August
Done in charcoal or pastel, they show a mastery of the drawing medium that only comes with a background of intensive study. Included in the group are a small perfect pastel nude done on a rich colored background; a portrait of a Maui Couple, done in dramatic tones; a charcoal drawing of a young woman playing the cello, a study for a portrait commissioned by the musician; a large pastel portrait of Windsong, a local drummer, painted on a very rich dark background of hand prepared pastel.

Pele's White Dog

Joan of Arc
Up in "Mindy's" painting studio, I am surrounded by small and medium sized oil paintings. Some are "palette paintings", done on board over discarded palettes; and most are finished compositions on canvas. Palette painting subjects include Pele's White Dog; Joan of Arc, an inspiration to the artist, as the heroine overcame so many difficulties; Madonna of the Duck Pond, a contemplative sweet goddess. Between the Worlds are the Angels, a palette painting drew the following comment from the artist: "The war god Mars and forces of destruction are held in check by the benevolent angels, as earth falls away. These images emerged from paint on a used palette during the global anxiety about the impending war.

Between the Worlds are the Angels

Chanter in the Mist

The Belly Dancer
Standing close by is Muse's signature, an oil painting called Chanter in the Mist. The subject's young innocent face is the center of interest in an ethereal other-worldly portrayal of a Hawaiian girl in a mystical landscape.

It interests me that these are the images I saw. During these painting sessions I feel like a scribe or channel of a spirit realm I don't fully understand but which to evoke".

Olinda Faerie

The River
The canvas paintings include a small reclining portrait of Tristan Wanke in a belly dancing costume; The Olinda Faerie, an ephemeral portrait of "the young spirit", The River, an oil painting still in progress, "an intense personal meditation on the River of Life, also called "The Hour of Shadows"; and an interesting and colorful portrait of Phil Lowenthal, Maui's first public defender and prominent Hawaii attorney.

Phil Lowenthal: Maui's First Public Defender

Green Satin Pants
The artist comments that she uses her memory to create visual imagery, as in the palette paintings. In continuation of her past basic themes, the human body "is the ultimate metaphor. It informs my basic theme. It has two roads going - the palette pictures, and paintings and drawings based on the manipulation of the process - oil, pastel and charcoal". Again the artist continued, "I'd like to achieve an impact through the human expression of the face and body gesture". Her main inspiration, she said, is Daniel, her absent autistic son, present at least in spirit; her sculpture of him was one of the signature pieces at the recent Schaeffer Portrait challenge. - Margaret Bedell


Noelle's Hair

Daniel: A Boy with Autism

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