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January 17 through February 6, 2002

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Living Color
Acrylic on Canvas
Living Color a solo exhibition of new works by Martha Woodbury is a show which Martha says,
".. is about being alive, and remembering every moment that we are all one living entity. I have been working with simple shape, and color, very primary and elemental you know, circles, squares, triangles, spectrums of color, a sojourn through the matrix of color and form. "



Martha continues, "It's about getting down to the essence, the distilled version of, not only, the visual aspect of art, but the other senses too. How does the art make your body feel, could you move to it, think thoughts, hear sounds from it? It just takes practice."

Trine of Triangles
Acrylic on Canvas

Three Circles
Acrylic on Canvas

She goes on to say, "In the same way that all of the outwardly different senses are one, all of the diverse aspects of the world are one. When you look at the spectrum of presumably different colors, it is one continuous shift of color, one could not exist without the context of the others."

Martha concludes with, "This show has been very life affirming to do. I feel that we all could use some of that lately."

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