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Mai ka `Uhane i ka Kine (translation: From Spirit into Form), is the title of the exhibit by four female artists on display at Viewpoints Gallery in Makawao, from August 26th – September 21st, with an Opening Reception scheduled for Saturday, August 28th at 5:00.  

Beth Marcil (painter), Rona Smith (beader), Ayumi Ditamore (potter), and Dianna Grundhauser (quilter), explore the source of inspiration in their work, as they present a collection of artwork that has stretched their talents and visions in four very different and defining ways. These artists are arguably at the top of their game, as the resulting work is above and beyond expectations, and actually lauds new directions in their respective mediums.

Beth Marcil, the painter, lives in a world of color, texture, light, and shadow – weaving these elements into a unique visual tapestry that communicates the beauty and mystery of the world in which we live.  Rona Smith finds the perfect balance of meditation and mandala in her beadwork by using the natural wonders of the world in thoughtful harmony with focused intent and purpose. Ayumi Ditamore ‘speaks’ in clay, drawing inspiration from her native country with artwork that evokes a deep sense of harmony, balance, and beauty.  Dianna Grundhauser, considered one of the premier artists in quilting, approaches each quilt like a painting, manipulating color, composition, and subject matter in pursuit of her vision.  

Collectively this very talented group of artists has amassed a collection that deserves attention not only for its scope and breath of work, but also because of the quality and appeal of each and every one of the pieces.  It is literally breathtaking!

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Beth Marcil
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Beth Marcil Beth Marcil

In the Misty Woods
by Beth Marcil   

acrylic and oil on panel   
30 x 24   $3500 gallery wrap +$185 ship

I spend a lot of time walking in the Olinda forest and have witnessed this sanctuary in a variety of weather conditions.  This image depicts the forest during a light rain.  The combination of the moist, vibrant red earth and the beckoning mist was irresistible.

Entering Light
by Beth Marcil   

acrylic and oil pastel on panel   
30 x 24   $3500 gallery wrap +$185 ship

Another magical walk in the Olinda forest... I'm always appreciative of those moments when the light illuminates the forest floor.  I feel compelled to walk into those rays and bathe myself in their radiance.

Rona Smith
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Rona Smith Rona Smith

Spirit Horse
by Rona Smith

appliqued bead embroidery
6.5 x 5
18.5 x 15.5   $4400 +$160 ship

I put my painted handprints on my Medicine Horse - not to claim I "owned" her - but to let those who saw her running free - the Wind, the Grass, the Birds and Trees - to let them know, I love her, too! - AmyLee

Centerpiece: Carved Horse Head of Boulder Opal Beads: Carnelian, Peridot, Austrian Crystal, AMber, Tiger's Eye, PictureFaceted Cubic Zirconia, Austrian Crystal, Green Garnets and Glass, and 24k Gold Seed Beads

Treasure of the Sea
by Rona Smith

appliqued bead embroidery
8 x 5
21 x 17   $4800 +$190 ship

Across time, the Mermaid, half-woman, half-fish has inspired and enchanted us.  She represents the feminine in its most divine incarnation.  Holding her hand the rare Sunrise Shell and the luminous Tahitian Black Pearl, together representing the feminine principles of wisdom and regeneration.

Cabachons: Carved Bone Face, Sunrise Seashell, Tahitian Black Pearl
Beads: Faceted Apatite, Faceted Tpaz, Austrian Crystal, Faceted Cubic Zirconia, Faceted Peridot, Faceted Green Garnets, Mother of Pearl, Carmelian, Heishi Shell, Gold Lip Shell, Argonite and Metal, Glass and 24k Gold Seed Beads

Ayumi Ditamore
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Ayumi Ditamore Ayumi Ditamore

Growth from Within
by Ayumi Ditamore

high-fired clay
32 x 11 dia   $2500

by Ayumi Ditamore

high-fired clay
20.5 x 10 x 5   $1000 +$100 ship

Dianna Grundhauser
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Dianna Grundhauser Dianna Grundhauser

Jacaranda Season
by Dianna Grundhauser

quilt, silk
51.5 x 15    $1875 +$85 ship

Blue Ginger
by Dianna Grundhauser

silk and cotton fabrics/batting, glass beads
19" dia    $850 +$60 ship

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