2020 - Through the Eyes of the Artists

The present times are uncertain, constantly changing…
We asked artists to give us their perspective on their personal experience.
It could be anything… From a view from their window to an expression of their inner-world.
They all agreed to work in the same format: first 10″x10″ professional Birch wood panels,
and later on, for the finale 12″x12″ in order to create coherent murals.
Over 400 panels were given to over 100 artists…
The mural expanded and evolved as time went, throughout the year!
Recording history… Visually and with words


watercolor on paper over wood panel  $2200

On a Dare

On a Dare

watercolor on paper over wood panel  $2200

Bright Light

Bright Light

watercolor on paper over wood panel  $2200

Calibrating Truth

Calibrating Truth

acrylic, prismacolor, charcoal & resin on wood panel  $1200

“The moment we think we know the truth is the moment we no longer see one another.”

Gates of Wisdom

Gates of Wisdom

cotton yarn and brass nails on wood panel  $850

“During COVID, I continue to be challenged and inspired by my weekly Kabbalah study group, meeting via Zoom. Our current focus is Sefer Yetzirah, an ancient Kabbalah text, which posits the 22 letters of the Hebrew alphabet as foundational channels of Divine creation. My piece “Gates of Wisdom” is inspired by this concept. In this piece, every point is connected to every other point by cotton yarns dyed to step around the color wheel in twenty equal increments, plus black and white for a total of 22. In this way, every color is optically blended with every other color to create infinite possibility, just as the 22 Hebrew letters combine to create infinite possibility.”

Airborne Forms

Airborne Forms

watercolor on paper over wood panel  $750

“Airborne droplets we all project every time we breathe, speak, sing, shout, sigh… a phenomenon most of us never thought about before now dominates our COVID consciousness. COVID has given me the gift of time to return to painting, after many years focusing on fiber as an artistic medium. My piece “Airborne Forms” reflects images in my mind’s eye every time I come face to face with someone outside the cocoon of my home.”

The Comfort of Shadows

The Comfort of Shadows

encaustic mixed media on wood panel  $650

“In these days of astonishing uncertainty, seeing what is hidden and revealed in the shadows of my neighborhood, has brought me great comfort. Noticing the ways the light and dark dance around each other keeps my heart open to ALL OF IT…”

Journey Through a Strange Land

Journey Through a Strange Land

kiln-formed glass with gold accents on wood panel  $500

“We have all found ourselves in such totally new territory since the beginning of 2020 and have had to learn to deal with a strange disease, physical distancing and inability to make many plans. We grieve over lives lost, missing gatherings and meals with friends,
hugs and other things we took for granted.”

Changing Directions

Changing Directions

split leaf philodendron sheaths, handmade paper on wood panel  $550

“Covid has been a time of changing directions in our lives to work with what is.”

‘Opi Nalu

handmade paper on wood panel  $750

“During this Covid time, we have had to learn to be flexible like the bend of a wave.”


handmade paper with a sliver of a Japanese Obi on wood panel  $750

“This year has been like a fire out of control. 
I tried to make this piece a controlled fire which can shed light and beauty on our future.”

Hilo Rain

handmade paper on wood panel  $750

“During this Covid time, I feel that nothing can soothe us like the sound of Hilo rain lightly sprinkling down.”

Goodbye Covid-19

stitched painting, gallery wrap on wood panel  $750

“As this tough year ends, we all look forward as efforts to render the corona virus powerless continue apace.  Several vaccines on the horizon may knock off its spikes, and the future looks brighter.”

Lonely Thanksgiving 2020

stitched painting, gallery wrap on wood panel  $750

“We remember past feasts fondly, and contemplate next year, when we can be together again.  But this year we are staying safe, mostly celebrating alone.  It’s growing dark outside, signifying the imminent end of our 2020 ordeal.  Brighter days are ahead.”


watercolor on paper over wood panel  $2000

“During these strange times, I bring to the viewer what I see,
but my greater goal is for people to be affected in such a way that they begin to see
for themselves the wonders taking place at every moment of every day,
everywhere – the pattern of a cloud formation, the night sky or the view from a rooftop.”

Sea of Dreams

watercolor on paper over wood panel  $2000

“In this strange and difficult time humanity is facing right now, I find liberation by going within my imagination and also into nature.
There I find freedom and “isolating” is no longer confining or limiting.”

Gift of Spirit

oil on wood panel  $950

“The layers and transparencies in this work represent the invisible world we live with, the world of the Spirit.
Some is liquid and some is solid, our lives are layered experiences.”

‘Dusk Daily’ Sunset Swims

oil on wood panel  $1250

“Sunset swims at Baldwin Beach have become a daily pleasure and a necessity for my well being and my daughter’s…
and this “extra” time shared together. It’s been a way to wash off the day. Grateful and staying positive.”

‘Butterflies and Bonfires’ – Overwhelming yet Calming

oil on wood panel  $1250

“With extra time in the evenings, we’ve enjoyed more time outside settling around a fire
and just chilling and appreciating where we are.
Grateful and staying positive.”

New Day

mixed media on wood panel, triptych  $2400

“This storm will pass, has been my mantra this fall/election season. Being in my studio and the process of making marks and laying down layers of paint has been my constant. Today is a new day and new hope is alive and waiting in the wings. The top layer of botanical silhouettes represent renewed hope.”

Navigating the Universe

acrylic on carved wood panel  $2800

Like tears from the sky
emotions are flowing
and the rain comes in

Listening to their heart
a man and a woman
are navigating the universe
towards the light

When the rain touches the sun
they know
somewhere there is a rainbow
                                 Joelle C.

Reconnecting – The Seed of Peace

acrylic on carved wood panel  $2800

Touching the earth
Finding balance

To the song of birds and the forest
To the teacher’s guidance
Simply listening

From Heaven to Earth
Planting the seed of peace
One heart at a time 
                                 Joelle C.

This is an homage, not only to my yoga teacher who took us to a clearing in the forest to practice yoga in the open air in the midst of nature, but to all the teachers who have found ways to keep the flame of knowledge alive, helping us to navigate through this difficult time with clarity. Each time we were practicing yoga, we created a mandala on the earth in the middle of our circle…

Hawaiian Tropic Bird I

block printing and acrylic on wood panel  $200

Hawaiian Tropic Bird II

block printing and acrylic on wood panel  $200

Hawaiian Tropic Bird III

block printing and acrylic on wood panel  $200

“Koa’e kea, or white-tailed tropicbird, captures prey by diving 50 feet or more.
They nest in hard-to-reach places on cliffs, caves and tree hollows.
I love their elegant, simple shape, long tail and wide wings.
Only one subspecies breeds in Hawai’i. A single egg is laid per season.”

Cyanic Pelagea

alcohol ink, linoleum cut, resin on wood panel  $1200

“Everybody’s idea of what social distancing is, is different.  Our actions are the ripple effect; it spreads more than we believe.”


alcohol ink, linoleum cut, resin on wood panel  $1200

“Everybody’s idea of what social distancing is, is different. 
Our actions are the ripple effect; it spreads more than we believe.”

Your Requests Have Been Heard And Answered

mixed media on wood panel $650

“2020 has been an extreme “tear-down” of a year for me. It has required that I review, renew, re-think, retreat and even retire certain parts of myself.  Some weeks, I felt like all I did was hit brick walls of self-manufactured suffering, other weeks have been so LIBERATING and full of expansion. I am reinventing myself in so many ways, it’s requiring more courage than I knew I had. Let’s just say that this time is messy and I’m learning to be O.K. with that. 🙂 Through it all, I have felt supported by an unseen force, and for this, I’m grateful.”

Season of Gratitude

acrylic on wood panel  $1200

“Wear Gratitude like a cloak and it will feed every corner of your life.”

Bundle of Nerves

acrylic on wood panel  $390

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times

acrylic on wood panel  $390

Cover Your Mouth Please

acrylic on wood panel  $390

Number Noise I

mixed media on wood panel, 12 x 12  $550

Number Noise II

mixed media on wood panel, 12 x 12  $550

“Statistics and overwhelm have become daily companions as the pandemic drags on. These paintings contain typical daily briefings of the number of new cases, hospitalizations, and other graphs we are inundated with in Hawai’i. If you look closely, you will also see several representations of lungs, and the Covid-19 sphere itself. It was my intention to create a harmonious composition amidst the number noise, so I used graphic marks and the colors blue and green to lend order and peace to the work.”

new cases
total cases
cases by race
cases by age
number noise

All One Color

oil on wood panel  $1200

“Ho’okāhi wai o ka like,  is a Hawaiian proverb that resonates so strongly for me right now.  It simply means all one color, we are all the same blood, the blood of humanity.  This is such a powerful lesson many people still need to learn and live by.  As an artist, I will always strive to use my art as a vehicle to communicate love, tolerance, acceptance and equality.”

Wield The Paddles Together

oil on wood panel  $1200

“Ho’okāhi ka ‘ilau like ana means “wield the paddles together”. I love the impact of the image of this proverb. Together we can accomplish much, build each other up, support one another, for as a community we are the ship that can sail through the roughest of seas.”

Song of Life #7

printmaking ink, clay on wood panel  $1150

“As an artist, I consider myself very lucky to be able to cope with this pandemic.Self isolation is nothing new.  All I have to do is to keep creating new work. I focus my creative energy on seeing the positive side of lifewhich lifts my spirit up, especially during these hard times.”

They Grow Up Fast

watercolor and cold was on wood panel  $650

“Due to the Covid travel advisory, we will be spending the holiday without our children who live on the mainland. The tricycle symbolizes innocence, youth, and fun times. But without the children, there is a melancholy feeling to this year’s celebration. Although the sun shines on Maui, bringing light to warm our spirits, there remains the shadow of loneliness. This honors all the families who have had to adjust to the missing people in their lives.”

Locked Up

watercolor and cold was on wood panel  $650

“Restrictions are something we have all learned to live with this past year. In response to the Covid “Lock Down” we have not had our usual dinner parties or events to free us from the confines of our own company. Although we have enjoyed the outdoors and are grateful to live on Maui, there are times when I feel locked out or locked in. However, I am free to express my thoughts in my artwork and there are many paintings inside of me worth unlocking.”

Selfie 20/20

plastic paper and ink on wood panel  $486.47

“The year of the pandemic has giving all of us a year of reflection and accountability — a year to relate to a new normal and what will it become. A year to try to change my thinking from an absolute to relative. A year to examine the many conversations on racism, gender equality, Covid-19, climate change, political division, and to practice a respect for one another. Also it has been a very creative year with my art and a new direction that has evolved, creating an exciting new display of fun and 3D work. 2020 will be a year that everyone will never forget.”

The Wall –

mixed media on wood panel  $486.47

“The physical wall represents the exact opposite of what the Statue of Liberty symbolizes.

The wall has become a metaphor for many aspects of what this country has become.

The wall in economic and social equality, the wall in social justice, the wall in education, the wall in gender freedom and the wall in our political system. If we want to move forward, we need to take the bricks out of the wall and make a path to a fair and bright future.”

Stay Home, Hunker Down

oil on wood panel  $425

Our little family of three,
Keeping each other company.

Patiently waiting for the new year,
Lucky for us its pretty here.

Secret Garden

mixed media with fused glass, torchwork, mirror, copper on panel  $1600

‘Secret Garden’ expresses the beauty found in both a hideaway escape and a rich, peaceful meditation on new growth. Implicit are new buds and eventual / inevitable return to the full flowering of ourselves and community.


acrylic on wood panel  $950

“Hope for the future, the environment, democracy, humanity, and this beautiful earth!”


acrylic on wood panel  $950

“Laughter in this moment so you can stay in the present to see that we are still lucky to be here despite the tragedy surrounding us.”


mixed, artist made paper on wood panel  $300

“Throughout my experience of living in Hawai’i, words from ‘olelo Hawai’i, or the Hawaiian language, have illuminated certain truths or conditions.  A recent huaka’i, or journey, to Haleakala resulted in many gifts, one of them being a brochure on Haleakala National Park in which, as expected, there was much about the physical attributes of the area. I was especially impressed with the inclusion of a section highlighting our host culture, about the word Kuleana, and how everyone visiting this special, even sacred, place had a responsibility as to their conduct there.  I realized that the concept could and should be expanded to include the responsibility we have more acutely than ever, for others. We’re at that place where we wish everyone could feel Kuleana, so that we may more quickly get through the pandemic.”

Blue Ukulele

photograph with pastel pencil on wood panel  $250

My uke is blue and I have to say
Me too, with all my friends, we cannot play
We are all waiting for COVID to go away!

We are Na Kupuna O Ko’olau
A group of happy ukulele players, singers &
dancers that seek to WOW
We gathered often with our group of Kupuna friends
Never thinking that it all could end

COVID came and whisked this all away
Very sad we have to say
We are all blue and missing each other
Hoping that we will soon be together!

Pu’unene Mill I

encaustic on wood panel  $425

Pu’unene Mill II

encaustic on wood panel  $425

“I think that the Covid crisis has changed everyone’s priorities.  We really appreciate our friends that we can’t see very often and children that can’t travel for the holidays.  I am spending more time in the studio, as many organizations are not doing fundraisers which usually require many hours of my time.  I loved the rusty parts from the Pu’unene Mill and incorporated them into an encaustic piece.  I have taken over a portion of my husband’s shop and used his tools for completing this piece.  They look good together.”

Paia Reflections

oil on canvas over wood panel  $1400

“Remembering busier nights, full capacity, and the gathering of friends.”

New Life

oil on canvas over wood panel  $1400

“New life brings new hope.”


oil on canvas over wood panel  $1400

“The rainbow is a promise of God’s faithfulness.”

Last Light

oil on wood panel  $2200

“Sometimes the moments after the sun sets are even more colorful than the actual sunset itself. I love the play of light and color on the ocean in the afterglow.”

Evening Dance, Waipoli Road

oil on wood panel  $2200

“There is nothing more peaceful than a walk up Waipoli Road at sunset. Bathed in colored light, the clouds, sky and pasture are in perfect harmony.”

Maliko Gulch II

watercolor on paper over wood panel  $850

“I’ll never forget seeing Maliko Gulch from the air for the first time. I knew it as a major geographic feature of Maui that runs from above Makawao to the ocean but I hadn’t anticipated its abundance, its lively curves and depths, its mystery.  There is something cornucopia-like in the way it spreads open at points, looking like it is spilling forth a show of vegetation.  Focusing on painting our beautiful island, especially from a new vantage point, has been a good way to remove oneself from the ongoing troubles of 2020.”

Pu’unene Post Office

watercolor on paper over wood panel  $850

“The old post office in Pu’unene is one of Maui’s many links to the past. It has a patina of red dirt and I am beguiled by the old industrial landscape that lies behind it. Its presence provides a sense of constancy during a time of much upheaval and change.”

Quarantine Leaves V

watercolor on paper over wood panel  $850

“I started painting watercolors of leaves that were from my yard and from a few potted plants during the many homebound days  of 2020. While I was looking and thinking about painting them, I  came across a line by the poet Walt Whitman, “I am large, I contain multitudes.”  I found myself saying silently to the leaves before me “You contain multitudes.”

Take Time to Smell the Plumeria

oil on wood panel  $1400

“2020 has truly provided time to reflect.  Time to pause.  Time to treasure. 
A reminder that time is precious.  Time is fleeting.  THIS MOMENT.”

Random Acts

oil on wood panel  $1400

“Seeing the aloha and inspiration borne of random acts of kindness…
reminded me of the joy in giving.
Though 2020 has been challenging in so many ways, the folks giving the most
seem to be the ones receiving the most.  This piece was done in tribute to them.”

August Evening in Makawao Town

oil on wood panel  $925

“The energy of this little cowboy town just keeps on humming along, all thru the hard times.
It is the crossroads from the jungle lush Haiku to lands of Upcountry. Here the air is fresh and clean.
I enjoy painting the charming scenes come rain or shine. Many of my ancestors enjoyed
the town in the bygone days. This evening that I painted, this scene was a special surprise, 
an amazing sunset! It was unplanned and one of the finest gifts from nature under the umbrella. 
I set off to paint a nocturne in front of Komoda Bakery and was so blessed. How blessed we are!”

Pau Hana

oil on panel  $750


oil on panel  $750

The Race

oil on wood panel  $1150

“I chose to paint the ocean canoe paddlers that we all see loving and immersing 
themselves in our ocean waters. My family has always been very involved with ocean sports 
for as long as I remember.  The 2020 pandemic at times forced us all to reflect on the possibility of 
not being able to even sit on a beach and soak up nature. So this painting is a celebration of the ocean 
all around and how important it is to those of us fortunate enough to live here in Hawai’i; it is such a gift to us.”

Ching Store

oil on wood panel  $1150

“I chose to paint Ching Store because of the quaintness and timelessness of the place.  
When I am visiting that area I really feel the presence of those who have come before me; 
we have had so many waves of immigrant workers to move to Maui and Ching Store represents that idea. 
Over 30 years ago,I stepped into that little market to buy a pheasant hat band from the owner who made them as a hobby.”

The Now Normal Calls – SIMPLIFY

mixed media on wood panel  $990

“I have come to describe this pandemic as ‘The Now Normal’, 
forcing me to stay in the present moment – a gift through this challenging time we are living in together. 
The simplicity of how our local banana plants grow remind me of our basic important need for community, 
and that which brings humanity serenity. Banana plants are like friends who root us in reality. 
They are designed to focus on the immediacy of our basic and primary needs, 
and reduce each other banana tree’s collective stress by how they facilitate shelter, 
one plant to another from current conditions and daily details of life. 
They have a plan in living this complicated life, which could serve us all well, too — that is to simplify!”

The Now Normal Calls – LIFE

mixed media on wood panel  $990

“I have come to describe this pandemic as ‘The Now Normal’, 
forcing me to stay in the present moment – a gift through this challenging time we are living in together. 
The #2 State bird of Hawaii, the chicken, is the definition of life itself, representing all our most basic 
senses and needs – breath, eat, feel, fertilization, hear, rest, see, smell, taste, think and touch. 
These fundamental life behaviors, especially living in the here and now, 
remind me that I can always begin again, even when things get tough. 
And, chickens are a little silly too, so they always cheer me up and 
easily allow me to be in gratitude in any given moment, which is a huge gift.”

West Maui Summer Sunset

oil on wood panel, triptych  $2700

“While the world is now in a state of confusion and uncertainty, 
I find the constancy of sunrise and sunset a calming presence in my life. 
The promise of a new day and recognition of a day spent. 
Universal feelings shared by fellow travelers in this temporary life, 
all expressed with such magnificence in the colors of nature.”

Fleeting Moments – ‘Blessings, Ukumehame Valley’

oil on wood panel  $1850

“The valleys of Maui have a lot of Hawaiian history.
Watching the rainbow fade away gives me such an awareness 
of the beauty and promises we have here on Maui.”

Taking Oma Out To Sea

oil on wood panel  $750

“My wife’s mom passed on in early November at the age of 95. A friend took her spirit out to sea. 
The sunrise was from behind us. The colors at the western horizon were ones I had never seen before. 
There is something quieting about passing on by natural causes in her own time.”

Fleeting Moments – ‘November 1st, Sunrise’

oil on wood panel  $1850

“November 1st, 2020,  Sunrise over Haleakala lit the Mauna Kahālāwai 
while casting the shadow of Haleakala across the mountain range. 
Simultaneously, the full moon was setting.  
This was also the second full moon during the month of October, 2020. 
It was an astonishing few minutes of viewing.”

Weathering 2020 – Hovering

acrylic on wood panel  $1400

Weathering 2020 – Blowing By

acrylic on wood panel  $1400

Weathering 2020 – Kahakuloa

acrylic on wood panel  $1400

“I have always been drawn to the drama of stormy weather.
Growing up in South Florida before moving to Maui, I experienced almost daily
powerful thunderstorms that would darken the sky. When I was first on Maui,
windsurfing in the shadow of the West Maui Mountains, 
I kept thinking there were thunderstorms on the horizon
when catching a glimpse of the dark cliffs out of the corner of my eye.

Living upcountry with amazing ocean views, I study and revel in the passing storms.
They bring color and contrast and ever changing artistic challenges.

The metaphor “Weathering the Storm” – Storm = 2020 is almost too obvious.
2020 has been a year of quiet, personal growth and ultimately a time of hope and change.”

Young Voyagers

oil on wood panel  $1400
“Ho’oulu Ka ‘Ike, to grow with knowledge. 
My Natalie has gone from ballet before the pandemic to the steerswoman 
for Hawaiian Outrigger Voyaging Society’s remote learning center. 
What an amazing opportunity and what a wonderful young lady 
to be completely open to the full bounty of this group of people 
who are sharing their knowledge and rich culture with her. 
As a result of an invitation I received, that I was able to take advantage of 
because of the pandemic, Natalie and I were introduced to the joy of paddling 
and adopted into the family of the wa’a. 
She has had the opportunity to be mentored by Anela, 
a woman I have much admiration and respect for. 
This ‘ohana has lavished love and true gifts on her. My heart overflows with joy that
she is of a substance to receive and appreciate genuine riches when they’re offered to her.”

The Fish Prince

oil on wood panel  $1250
“Beauty from chaos is a thread woven through history. 
2020 has continued the truth of this in my life, art, and experience during this pandemic. 
I had a choice, as I’ve had many times in my past, to set my focus on fear or to recognize 
and embrace the challenge of tumultuous waters ahead – keeping my focus 
on my destination, resting and refueling when the opportunity was presented, 
and reentering the fray with joy and excitement. 
At a time in my 46 years on this planet when I most needed and was ready 
for a respite from a chaotic life, I was given the opportunity to stop and breathe. 
A very special person introduced me to paddling and invited me into a big, loving ‘ohana. 
After months of learning the artistry of moving a canoe over the water, 
my youngest daughter and I went on our first voyage. We had a lovely day of paddling, 
with my sweet girl steering the first leg of the journey, something I do not have the skills to do yet. 
We camped and the next morning left shore to return home. 
Minutes out, we found ourselves in the middle of a school of flying fish. 
These past months I’ve found myself deeply in love with the ocean, rising happily at 4 a.m. 
to paddle in the dark. Kanaloa, the god of the sea, takes on the form of many sea creatures. 
When this sparkling prince took flight, bedecked in his richest jewels,  
and flew right in front of my face, I fancied I’d almost brushed lips with my true love.”

Kanaloa’s Prize

oil on wood panel  $1250
“My first canoe voyage – actual longer than 2 hours, stayed overnight, 
returned the next morning voyage – was a couple of weeks ago. 
Coming home we found ourselves in front of a surprise set of waves near Ma’alaea Harbor. 
Freight Trains (local name for this particular area) swamped our boat and the first wave
took 5 paddles that had been stowed behind the steersman seat for crew changes.
Everything after that was an excellent opportunity for survival training.
We ended up paddling a canoe that was entirely overturned, into the harbor.
My paddle was claimed by the sea. Before voyaging, we ask permission, 
we chant respect to our ancestors and give thanks to the gods. We paddle with respect. 
We beach the canoe and move it with the same respect we would show our loved ones. 
My paddle that went missing was a gift from the same lovely and loving person 
who had invited me to paddle a few months into the pandemic. 
I was a little heartbroken at the loss of the paddle for a few short minutes after I realized it was gone. 
Life has shown me so many times what is important, where the true riches are. 
The paddle was tangible and infinitely replaceable. The true riches are the family of the wa’a 
and every second that I have the heart-soaring honor of being on the ocean. 
So, Kanaloa’s Prize. The fabric of truth and beauty is found in every culture. 
Having the privilege to learn the Hawaiian stories has been a beautiful experience. 
I think for me, on this voyage, the god of the ocean was the pause before embarking on this adventure, 
the setting my entire being at one with the experiences to come, and the reminder of where my true treasure lies. 
And the paddle on the side of this painting, slipping out of his tentacle? 
Of the 5 paddles washed overboard, we were only able to retrieve my daughter’s loaner paddle.”

Hut Ho!

oil on wood panel  $925

The Puzzle Is..

oil on wood panel  $925
“How to capture three dimensions into two, how to freeze motion 
and how to render the way in which light falls across an object. 
All this while expressing the reason the scene caught your attention in the first place.
Then there’s the childish fun of smearing a gooey blob of luxurious paint 
on a canvas and seeing what comes off the backside of the brush. 
It doesn’t get old.”

Napili Bay at Rest

oil on wood panel  $390
“During the several months of living with Covid, Napili Bay has been in a calm state of rest and recovery.  
There have been no boats and very few people.  Most mornings I would walk down the hill to the Bay 
and take a long swim.  At most, there would be a couple of other swimmers doing the same thing, 
and over the months we all became friends.  Often turtles of various sizes and shapes would hang out 
in the tide pools shown in the foreground of the painting.  It was as if both the Bay 
and those of us fortunate enough to have access were enjoying a rejuvenation of spirit.”

Ready To Go!

acrylic on wood panel  $800
“Often with a day at the beach, this sight is taken for granted. 
But when needed, these “silent heroes” are ready to go at a moment’s notice to keep us safe. 
A special Mahalo to our lifeguards. This tower is on the Green Trees section of Ho’okipa Beach Park.”

Cold Rinse

oil on wood panel  $1100
“A long walk along the beach, followed by a cold shower has always been a favorite pastime of mine. 
I treasure this activity even more in 2020.”