The Story of E Ala E

Jeanne Bitz Young, painter and Kimokeo Kapahulehua, leader of the Hawaiian Outrigger Voyaging Canoe Society dedicated to preserve and perpetuate the Native Hawaiian culture and its tradition.

Reaching Out

For these projects, we ask the artists to create and explore the endless possibilities that may arise from working in collaboration with one or more partners being from a wide range of venues.  More precisely, collaborations can be with another artist working in a different media or (and) preferably with one or more persons from the community at large (past collaborations have been with teachers, children, engineers, architects, botanist, family members etc…). Videos recording the process and the completed work are produced and viewed during the show.

Waihee Refuge

Betty Hay Freeland and Dr. Scott Fisher

Waihee Refuge is a 277 acre property owned by the Hawaiian Islands Land Trust. The Waihee site is deep in history with Hawaiian archaeological sites and structures from the plantation era. HILT bought the property in 2004 to preserve the archaeological sites, restore the native plants and animals, and outdoor recreation for locals

E Ala E

A collaboration between artist Jeanne Bitz Young and Kumu Kimokeo Kapalulehua, leader of the Hawaiian Outrigger Voyaging Canoe Society dedicated to preserve and perpetuate the Native Hawaiian culture and its tradition.

Circle of Wisdom

Joelle C. and Timothy Paulokaleiuku Bailey

Cultural Heritage, Preservation and Restoration of the Land

Botany and Physics

Partners in Peace

Beth Marcil and Celina

“They said that she was pure of heart, and that all living things, both innocent and wild, felt safe in her presence. The children of the village chose her to be their queen for she was the one they trusted above all others. “Be kind,” she said. “Take care of the earth and of each other.” And so they did.

Relationships & Collaborations

A selected group of artists has been invited to collaborate and create some unique works of art. They were free to choose to work with anyone they wanted to… artist or not! One partner or several… The project is focusing on the process leading to the creation as well as to the completion of the artwork. With the help of coaches and researchers in the field of relationships, the participating artists have been led through inspiring processes to enhance their capacity to relate on a deeper level: to themselves, their artistry, their creative partners and the endless possibilities that may arise from this exploration.

Reaching Out – Exhibit

Artists creating and exploring the possibilities arising from collaborating with family members who are videographers and contractors, or one’s own child, or working with a couple of students from Paris and New York, then a healer or a well-known biologist whose work focuses on preserving the native environment, a local architect interested in the history of local Hawaiian architecture, and finally with a poet exploring the deeper meaning of the “Aloha Spirit”…